About Us

The Organisation

ESLA is the umbrella organisation for Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) Associations across Europe.
We currently have 35 member associations in 32 countries, representing over 40,000 SLT professionals.


Watch our videos from the ESLA launch event HERE 


These include:

  • The ESLA Chair’s welcome address
  • The ESLA Deputy’s Chair’s presentation of the history of CPLOL and the restructure into ESLA
  • The then European Parliament’s President Roberta Metsola congratulates ESLA
  • The ESLA European Day is introduced by Maria Kyriakou-Solomonidou
  • The guest lecture by our invited keynote speaker Assistant Professor Dr Mieke Moerman “Applying E-health to conform with European regulations in Speech and Language Therapy”
  • Our photo montage of ESLA's history


Members of ESLA are the national professional organizations of SLTs / orthophonistes / logopèdes / logopédistes meeting the criteria for membership set out in our Statutes.
Expressions of interest to join ESLA are warmly welcomed by Associations that meet the eligibility criteria defined in the ESLA Statutes.


The official languages within ESLA are English and French.


The registered office of ESLA is in Brussels.


ESLA is registered as an non-profit organisation under Belgian law - Number 0770260172.


All the members of the ESLA Board fulfil their roles in a fully voluntary capacity, with the agreement of their own home SLT Association.


ESLA has two part-time Administrators who support the work of the Board and Task Forces.


The Board members and Task Forces all hold  monthly online meetings.


There is an Annual General Meeting of ESLA, following the protocols defined in the ESLA Statutes.


All ESLA activities are specifically and exclusively focused on the Strategic Aim and Objectives, as defined in the Vision and Mission Statements.


Each year on 6th March, ESLA marks the anniversary of the original founding Charter of CPLOL. 
This is known as European Day of Speech and Language Therapy  (#EuroSLTDay)  and you can find more information by following this link. 


We invite you to follow our ESLA activities and news on our Social Media Channels - Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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The Board

The members of the Board were elected during the General Assembly

held in Austria in May 2022, for a period of three years.

Norma Camilleri

Norma Camilleri

- Malta -

Fofi Constantinidou
Deputy Chair

Fofi Constantinidou

- Cyprus -

Ellianna Mantaka-Brinkmann
General Secretary

Ellianna Mantaka-Brinkmann

- Greece -

Blazenka Brozovic
Board responsible for Professional Education

Blazenka Brozovic

- Croatia -

Giuseppe Mancini

Giuseppe Mancini

- Italy -

Sahra Mengal
Board member for the Communication Strategy Task Force

Sahra Mengal

- Denmark -

Raluca Trifu
Board member responsible for ESLA Congress

Raluca Trifu

- Romania -