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ESLA is led by the members of the Board, who are elected by our General Assembly.
The current members of the Board were elected in May 2022 for a period of three years.

The Board members hold monthly online meetings to oversee the progress on ESLA’s strategic objectives.


The operational work of ESLA is undertaken by our Task Forces, each of which is led by one of the Board members and has a clear strategic purpose.

All the work of the ESLA Board and Task Forces is undertaken in a voluntary capacity by representatives who have been nominated by the home associations.


ESLA is a non-profit organisation, registered under Belgian law.

This organisation was launched on 6th March 2021, with the signatures of our 30 Founder Members.

The ESLA Statutes were adopted by a unanimous vote by our member associations in November 2020.

ESLA’s key purpose is to promote the profile and reputation of our profession for the future, in the context of the needs of society in Europe today.


This builds on the pioneering work of the pan-Europe organisation "CPLOL" that was launched in March 1988.

ESLA has many fresh and dynamic initiatives planned for the future that will benefit all our fellow SLT professional colleagues across Europe.


Keep watching our site for news and updates, and please contact us if you are seeking specific information about our profession across Europe.


ESLA Statutes in English

ESLA Statutes in French