Keep watching this page where we will share resources for professionals and the public related to all communication and swallowing disorders.

These resources will include information developed by ESLA Task Forces and Work Groups, 

Here below you can download a number of information leaflets 
(Please note that this page is currently being updated and we will steadily add to these resources).

Supporting Early Language Development Birth – 12 months (English)

Supporting Early Language Development 1 – 2 years  (English)

Supporting Early Language Development 2 – 3 years  (English)

Supporting Early Language Development 3 – 4 years (English)

ESLA Language Development Questionnaire 18 months (Eng) 

ESLA Language Development Questionnaire 30 months (Eng) 

ESLA Language Development Questionnaire 54 months (Eng)  

We also have some similar resources available in other languages on request. 

We also suggest the following materials  from other agencies that you may find to be valuable to use and share with professional colleagues and the families you work with.
All links included on our ESLA website are for public access resources and have been selected because they are judged to offer high quality resources from credible sources, that may provide helpful resources for professionals and the public alike.

I CAN Children’s Communication Charity
This site has a wide range of free to download advice leaflets on early language development, including working with children in bilingual families.

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