Advocacy Work

ESLA promotes the profile and reputation of the SLT profession to the European Commission, other relevant authorities and related organisations, by publishing statements and policies advocating the value of our services for people with communication and swallowing difficulties.


The principal Advocacy activity of ESLA is our annual European Day of Speech and Language Therapy, that is always celebrated on the 6th March in recognition of the original founding Charter of CPLOL.

Each year our Member Associations feature the selected theme of communication and swallowing disorders and organise public events to raise awareness and visibility of the impact on families and the contribution of the SLT profession.

Here below are the topics that have been announced for ESLA's European Day up to 2025 ...


In addition to our advocacy work on behalf of people and families living with communication and swallowing difficulties, ESLA also undertakes political influencing work.

In May 2020, the CPLOL Board issued a Statement in support of Member Associations to adopt new approaches to working, including telepractice where appropriate. 

The Statement can be downloaded here.

On this page we will also feature: 

  • some examples of our campaign activities,
  • relevant case studies to highlight the impact of SLT work
  • links to reports of the exciting and creative European Day activities led by our Member Associations.



ESLA 2022 Webinars

Save the dates!

Here is the dates for our  2022 webinars:

  • March 5th
  • June 23th
  • October 6th
  • December 1st

Upcoming information will be soon available.

Stay tuned!



CEPLIS is the European Council of the Liberal Professions.
It is the only inter-professional association bringing together the liberal professionals at the Community level across Europe.

ESLA is an active member of CEPLIS, to help us ensure that the perspectives and priorities  of SLT professionals are represented.

In March 2020 at the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic in mainland Europe, the CEPLIS President issued a letter to MEPs on behalf of all the Liberal Professions across Europe. You can download that letter here.

The European Association for Psychotherapy published a report in September 2021 comprising a review of the work of Psychotherapy and Psychotherapists during the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020.
Anecdotal accounts had indicated that Psychotherapists across Europe had adapted their work so as to conduct it safely and online, and – vitally – had continued to offer Psychotherapy to those in need of it.
This report demonstrates how effectively Psychotherapists have worked to enhance and sustain good mental health in their respective populations, including individuals who were severely depressed and suicidal. 
This paper has been circulated to the President of the EU Parliament, to EU Health Ministers, to MEPS, to Policy Makers, to CEPLIS (the Council for Liberal Professions), to EAP Psychotherapists, and to a wider audience through the International Journal for Psychotherapy.
There are very close parallels with the shift of SLT working patterns from face-to-face to online service delivery in almost all ESLA member associations since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The full document can be accessed HERE.

For the latest Bulletin from CEPLIS, please click on the image below.