Within the ESLA webinar series for Professions, we are glad to announce our upcoming webinar: "That amazing first 6 months: Supporting oral feeding & communication in (ex)preterm and fragile infants."


Interruption or disruption of effective communication and adequate nutrition due to preterm birth or illness in the neonatal period has consequences for further maturation of the individual.


Preterm infants develop the skills necessary to begin oral feeding as their health stabilizes and as they reach a post-conceptional age that supports coordination of breathing and swallowing with oral motor functioning. The approach to feeding the infant during this transition period must be developmentally supportive and tailored to meet the needs of the individual.


In this webinar, held by Marleen D’hondt, a Senior Bobath tutor and secretary of the European Bobath Tutors Association (EBTA), we will discuss why preterm infants are at risk for feeding disorders and why we focus as a neonatal feeding therapist on positive feeding strategies on our way from prefeeding stimulation to oral feeds.

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