Task Force for ESLA Congress


Task Force for ESLA Congress 


We have the role of ensuring the organisational part of our ESLA congress and setting connections with the ESLA Board.

The mission of the Congress Task Force is to create a link between the ESLA Board and the administration of the Congress.

The TF is structured on three organisational directions:

  • the scientific part
  • the administrative/structural part
  • the relation with DMC


  • To designate the Company that will provide the organizational part of the congress
  • To designate the location and the venue of the Congress
  • To harmonize ESLA's mission and vision with the organizational part of the congress - DMC
  • To identify the possible sponsors
  • To maintain the contact with specialized organizations in connection with the Congress
  • To maintain the connection with scientific content creators for the popularization and dissemination of the scientific results of the congress
  • To coordinate and supervise the activity of the DMC in accordance with ESLA strategy and ESLA Board decisions.
  • To identify and designate the Keynote speakers
  • To establish the scientific, artistic and cultural program of the congress in accordance with ESLA's mission and vision.
  • To harmonize the outcomes of the Congress with the outcomes of others taskforces – Social Media Task Force, Task Force for Additional Revenue, Communications Strategy Task Force
  • To create intermediate and final, post-congress reports for the organization of the congress


Task Force Board Members: Raluca Nicoleta Trifu.

Task Force members: Francesca Ballatore, Carolina Bodea Hategan.


For further information, please contact us at eslacongress@gmail.com.