Task Force for Additional Revenue 


Task Force for Additional Revenue 


Being a non-profit organization, ESLA always dealt with costs exclusively through revenue from the member association fees. It was felt that ESLA needs to create larger initiatives, not only to increase financial support, but also to give us the chance to create “products,” such as events, materials and contacts that if well-utilised, could also give ESLA greater visibility. It is envisaged that such a plan will also, in the long-term, alleviate the burden from member association fees. The TF aims to structure activities that will provide an additional revenue while reinforcing ESLA’s image within inter-European, interprofessional and international networks. The organisation’s financial structure, if well-formed, could strengthen in time and guarantee ESLA greater and continuous revenue to deal with eventual issues and/or goals of the individual associations.

  • Draw ideas and plan activities/events that can create an additional revenue to ESLA.
  • Look at the possibility of opening the ESLA website to advertising of SLT related companies.
  • Analyse the possibility of having long-term sponsors who can then also sponsor the ESLA Congress.


Task Force Board member: Giuseppe Mancini.

Task Force members: ina Iordanova, Liga Janovska, Katarina Pavicic Dokoza.


For further information, please contact us at ESLAadditional.rev@gmail.com.